Hard Rock International Submits Appeal against Hellenic Gaming Commission Decision

by Administrator
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Hard Rock international has made an appeal against decision to reject its proposal for a new casino to be launched in Greece.
Close to two ago, reports indicated that Hard Rock international was not pleased by the rejection, and felt that it had been disqualified inappropriately. The report also stated that the firm felt there is a conflict of interest as far as opposition firms tendering for the project are concerned.

The firm, in statement, said that based on evidence it had collected, it believed that the outcome was not determined properly. The firm added that it remains confident in the submission it made and that its proposal is the best so far for Greece.
The firm also hopes that the Greece prime minister will look into this matter and investigate the claims it has made in its appeal.

Source: https://europeangaming.eu/portal/latest-news/2020/02/05/63523/hard-rock