Butler National Corporation extends lottery gaming contract in Kansas

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Butler National Corporation extends lottery gaming contract in Kansas

Butler National Corporation, a provider of professional management services in the gaming industry, has announced a renewal agreement with the Kansas Lottery regarding a lottery gaming facility management contract for the Boot Hill Casino.

Undertaken through its Butler National Service subsidiary, the new contract is said to benefit the State of Kansas, Southwest Kansas and Butler National. The extended agreement is set to run until December 14, 2039, building on the original contract which was due to end on December 14, 2024.

Butler National Service Corporation and the Kansas Lottery entered into the initial Lottery Gaming Facility Management Contract for the Boot Hill Casino and Resort in Dodge City, Kansas on May 28, 2008. BHCMC assumed the obligations of Butler National Service Corporation in the spring of 2009.

Clark Stewart, president and CEO of Butler National commented on the extension: “We have worked diligently in our ten years of successful management of the state owned and operated games, creation of over 300 new jobs and development of a tourist destination location in Southwest Kansas.

“We appreciate the successful partnership between the State and Butler National/BHCMC. We have similar goals and objectives that mutually benefit the interests of both parties. As we reach the tenth anniversary of the opening of the Boot Hill Casino on December 15, 2019, we thank our fellow Kansans, and in particularly our employees, working with Butler National, a Kansas company.

“We will continue to offer a quality tourist and entertainment destination, positive and fun place of employment for hundreds of people and a strong driver of economic activity in Dodge City and southwest Kansas.”