California: Rolling Hills Casino is sewing supplies for healthcare workers Workers

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Rolling Hills Casino is sewing supplies for healthcare workers 

A shortage of N-95 masks in the Northstate has the staff at Rolling Hills Casino stitching together supplies that will be distributed to local healthcare workers.

The human resources training room at Rolling Hills Casino has been transformed into a sewing room.

Hotel staff, casino workers, bartenders are cutting, stitching and sewing masks for healthcare workers.

"The thought process was that if we could make cloth masks with double layers, tightly woven cotton on front and flannel on the back," said Human Resources Director Jeannie Cloud. "They wear them over the top it extends the amount of time they can wear the N95 masks because these can be washed and dried."

The goal is to create about 500 masks along with 100 face shields and waterproof gowns.

"We created a pattern and now we're going to be making them about 200 of those, and the material is a utility outdoor and so water can't get through it, we tested it, and they can reuse them," said Cloudy.

Tribal Chairman Andrew Alejandre said with hardworking staff who know how to sew, they knew they could find a way to help with the shortage of supplies.

"It's something we try to embed in our culture throughout the tribe and the tribe's businesses," said Tribal Chairman Andrew Alejandre. "Giving back is part of what we do and it's always a great feeling to be able to help our community, to help our employees and to help our tribal people."