Century Mile Racino Welcomes 90th Canadian Derby And A Whole New Era

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Century Mile Racino Welcomes 90th Canadian Derby And A Whole New Era

This Sunday is special for everyone interested in live horse races and the big events in the horse racing field. August 18 is about to bring the 90th edition of the Canadian Derby, loved by many and associated with fond memories. Century Mile Racetrack and Casino in Edmonton is about to welcome the special event, which is a change of the location that has not gone unnoticed by the true fans.

There would be some changes to the well-established traditions, which could polarize the opinion. This year has brought many changes to the Edmonton racing scene, which paved the way for an entirely new era of operation in the region. Northlands Park and Casino saw its last day of operation in February, closing the final page of a 118-year history of horse racing in Edmonton.

Edmonton Welcomes Renowned Derby

The racetrack and gaming venue were special to the local community for their constant support with revenue allocations, for the employment opportunities they offered, as well as for the attractive qualities they had for people traveling to Edmonton. October 2018 saw the last event held at the racetrack but only months ahead of it, the 89th Canadian Derby took place there. Such has been the tradition for years.

The month of April saw the official launch of operation of the new racino Century Mile Racetrack and Casino. One of the main differences that have worried racing enthusiasts is the lack of infield bleachers or permanent grandstands for the spectators of the live race. The new location is not a traditional racetrack in the sense of Northlands Park.

There will be various food trucks for everyone eager to give them a try, highlighting the differences between the locations. There are people that have expressed their discontent with the new things that would encompass this year’s edition of the race and others that enjoy the breath of fresh air.

Changes Come With New Location

Century Mile Racetrack Managing Director of Racing Paul Ryneveld had to make a clarification recently that this is a new phase of the Canadian Derby and players will have many new things to look forward to. The ultimate goal of this year’s race would not be to replicate everything already seen at Northlands Park but to be a breath of fresh air to the local field.

Many of the offerings that would make the experience even more vibrant have already been sold out. Such are the VIP tents next to the racetrack with a well-rounded menu, as well as the outdoor beer gardens that would not allow underage visitors. The Finish Line Restaurant is preparing for welcoming groups of four or six, each seat equating to CA$250 for a premium experience.

It should also be taken into account that the casino venue adjacent to the racetrack is going to work between 9.30 a.m. and 3 a.m. welcoming everyone eager to try their luck there. The official launch of the Canadian Derby is set to take place at 1:45 p.m. and span all the way to 6.30 p.m. guaranteeing an exciting afternoon.