Ohio casino revenue hits all time high

by Administrator
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Ohio gamblers are out in force as revenue at the 4 casinos and 7 racinos in the state rose to a record high.

The Ohio Lottery and Casino Control Commissions report that 1-point 9-billion dollars were made in 2019 which is a 4-percent increase from 2018. One-third of that revenue goes to the state who disburses it to the 88 counties. Distribution is figured by population and Allen County has been seeing an increase in the last several years.

Allen County Auditor Rachael Gilroy says, “In the last 5 years we’re up about 3-percent and over the last year it’s about 1.8-percent increase from 2019 over what 2018 was. So we’re conservative in our numbers when we budget for it. We set it at about 1.2-million last year we were at 1million 257-thousand.”

Since the first casino dollars were allocated in 2012 Allen County Commissioners have earmarked it for capital improvements.